Beading Cord Elastic: Black: 4.5m x 1.3mm

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Narrow elastic cord used to string beads to make jewellery. Can be used on garments and in any application where only a gentle amount of stretch is required. Popular choice for kids crafts, fancy dress parties, etc. Black, 1.3mm x 4.5m.

Fabric Freedom Traditional Gilded Christmas - Holly FF508-3 Green

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Hemline 4.5m x 1.3mm Metallic Cord Elastic Gold Beading

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Hemline 4.5m x 1.3mm Black Beading Cord Elastic Jewellery

Hemline 4.5m x 1.3mm Black Beading Cord Elastic Jewellery

Stringing Materials - Jewellery - Craft

General Purpose Knitted Elastic: White - 1m x 20mm

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