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Why Prior Fitness Dance Pole Stage? Prior Fitness Dance Pole Stage Beautiful round safety mat with 1500 mm/4'11" diameter in Silver/Pink/Black to match different interiors and aesthetic preferences. Compatible with any pole size. Prior Fitness Dance Pole Stage recommended for basic level. Comfortable to carry/transport with foldable design. Easy use/installation.INSTALLATION: Once assembled, the entire X- Stage Lite unit stands at 10 feet(3m).Remove from the carrying cases, expand the mainframe, lock the stage floor sections in place, insert the main pole, tighten the retaining screw, add the extension pole, tighten the screw and you are ready to dance - it really is that quick and simple.PRIOR FITNESS Team is always trying to give each customer a nice product using experience. If you have any questions or suggestions about this product, please don't hesitate to contact us~ Product Name Dancing pole stage

Perforable Pole Dancing Pole For Home - priorfitness


Perforable Pole Dancing Pole For Home - priorfitness

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