Why Surviving Hate is crowdsourcing stories about racism

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Amber Bernard and Ryan Running Rabbit joined the collaborative journalism project as part of JHR’s Indigenous Reporters Program

Urgent need' for more accountability from social media giants to

How the 'Bring Back Our Girls' Tweets Changed a War in Nigeria - WSJ

Fox News Hate-for-Profit Racket

B.C. had the highest rate of hate crimes in the country during

Tracking Racism in COVID-19 – Active History

Editor who wrote Klan editorial has penned countless racist

racial justice Archives - The Opportunity Agenda

Fight the hate mongering dividing America

Sundown towns: A legacy of prejudice in Colorado

Video: Nancy Krieger on Structural Racism, Social Justice, and

PDF) Latent Hatred: A Benchmark for Understanding Implicit Hate Speech

PDF) Hatred is a mindset triggered by stressful external events

QAnon Followers Kicked Off Facebook, Twitter Flock To Fringe Sites

Why Surviving Hate is crowdsourcing stories about racism

Predicting the Best and Worst of Digital Life By 2035

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