Fans are at a loss for words after watching the viral CCTV footage of the late South African rapper AKA’s final minutes on earth.

AKA and his friend and former manager Tibz were shot and killed on Florida Road in Durban on Friday night, according to a previous report from WITHIN NIGERIA. According to reports, the rapper was shot while standing outside the Wish Restaurant.

The moment a shooter approached AKA and shot him in the head is captured on the CCTV footage spreading on social media.

The Rapper and a few of his friends were seen leaving Wish eateries and making their way to their cars.

Then, a hitman in a hoodie approaches the gathering and opens fire, hitting AKA in the back of the head before fleeing on foot.


The video, which has received a lot of social media attention, has supporters pleading for the rapper to receive justice.

Since the hitman shoots the rapper without stealing anything from him, many people think that this was a planned assassination.