The smash song “Nkalakatha (Remix)” is the result of Costa Titch working with legendary South African rappers AKA and Riky Rick. The original “Nkalakatha” single has been remixed to include Costa Titch’s trademark catchy and energizing flow as well as the seasoned rap abilities of AKA and Riky Rick.

The song’s catchy beat, which skillfully combines parts of traditional South African music with contemporary hip hop sounds, draws listeners in. The song’s lyrics celebrate the rappers’ perseverance, hard work, and dedication in the face of adversity while highlighting their road to success.

The rappers are shown in a variety of South African-themed locales in the music video for “Nkalakatha (Remix),” which has a colorful and vibrant style. This collaboration amongst three of the top rappers in the continent will no doubt be enjoyed by hip-hop fans.

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