The legendary singer Nokwazi and South African music producer Dr Tebzen have collaborated to create the thrilling new tune Phuma Kim (Incl. Remixes). The song, which demonstrates both performers’ distinctive talents and flair, is sure to be popular with followers of Afro House and kindred genres.

The song contains Nokwazi’s strong vocals, which harmonize beautifully with the upbeat beat and pulsing rhythm created by Dr Tebzen. The song’s contagious energy makes it tough to resist, and the catchy chorus and pounding bassline are guaranteed to get listeners on the dance floor.

Phuma Kim (Incl. Remixes) includes a number of remixes in addition to the song’s original version by some of the most well-known artists in the South African music scene. The original song is given a fresh interpretation in these remixes, which also highlight the individual styles and skills of each featured musician.

Fans of Dr. Tebzen and Nokwazi shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear this innovative pairing. Phuma Kim (Incl. Remixes) is certain to become a fan favorite and solidify Dr Tebzen and Nokwazi’s standing as some of the most gifted and forward-thinking musicians in the South African music scene thanks to its infectious beat, potent vocals, and enticing energy.

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