Musa Keys, Mellow, and Sleazy join forces with Frenzy Bouy to produce the popular song Umshini. Fans will definitely want to dance to this song because it seems like an amazing banger. Given the talents of these four musicians individually and collectively, Umshini’s success is hardly surprising.

The song showcases Frenzy Bouy’s distinct sound, which is enhanced by Musa Keys’ sultry vocals and Mellow & Sleazy’s sleek production. The song’s upbeat mood is ideal for any party or club environment, and the irresistible beat and chorus are likely to stick in listeners’ brains.

This collaboration is one that fans of Mellow & Sleazy, Musa Keys, and Frenzy Bouy won’t want to miss. Everyone who enjoys Afro House or simply wants to groove to some excellent music must listen to Umshini. This song will undoubtedly become a fan favorite thanks to its infectious groove and unmistakable appeal, solidifying Frenzy Bouy, Musa Keys, and Mellow & Sleazy as some of the hottest artists in South African music.

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