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“Go to Oyo and eat their yam” – Nigerian doctor advises woman who desires twins, gives her 1 year

A woman who desired twins received advice from a young doctor known on Twitter as @the _beardedsina.

He advised anyone in need of twins to travel to Igboora in the state of Oyo and consume their yam.

He asserted that the yam contains clomiphene, which causes women to have twins by stimulating their ovaries.

He explained that this doesn’t just happen to people because there, animals like goats, sheep, and cows also have twins.

He said this:

“Go to Igboora in Oyo state, the twin capital of the world. Buy their Yam, Eat it well and eat their regular Ilasa soup consistently.

If you don’t deliver twins in 1 year, I’ll stop practicing Medicine. If you want twins try & buy a special kind of yam from IgboOra, Oyo

“IgboOra is termed twin capital of the world & the secret lies in their yam. Some say the yam contains clomiphene which stimulates the ovaries in women to produce egg increasing chance of twins.

“For women only. Clomiphene is a drug used in medical practice in managing stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs increasing chances of fertilisation, this only prescribed by a Doctor.

“IgboOra has so much twins that even animals like goat, sheep, ram ,etc can have twins.”

Check out the post below:

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