Ice Beats Slide debuts a brand-new song titled “Patshutshu” to the airwaves.

We party a little harder every time Ice Beats Slide releases new songs on the radio. The skilled hit producer has made a comeback with a brand-new song. On this one, he traveled alone. “Nhliziyo Ng’yise,” a song he previously released with Sbuda MaLeather, was featured.

He previously collaborated with Sbuda Maleather to release “Usangene,” and he recently released “Area 41” with him. The solo song “Game Over” by Ice was also released. Moreover, he released “Jagermeister” with Sbuda, which included 2wobunnies. It is obvious how much work he has been working.

The gifted musician has returned to the stage with a brand-new song called “Patshutshu.” He worked very hard on this one. You shouldn’t refuse it. Listen to the brand-new song by checking it out below. Moreover, include the tune in a weekend piano playlist of your choice.

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