Kylie angered people by wearing an outfit with a realistic lion head during Paris Fashion Week.

Fans have criticized Kylie Jenner for “normalizing animal cruelty” when she appeared at Paris Fashion Week wearing an outfit with a life-size false lion head affixed to it.

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Fans immediately criticized the reality star’s controversial costume, calling it “disgusting” and “sick” due to the lion head, when she wore it to Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture show today (Monday, 23 January).

The reality star wore the controversial outfit to Schiaparelli's Haute Couture show.

The lion head was described by Kylie as a “faux art work produced by hand using artificial materials” in an Instagram photo, but that didn’t stop social media users from labeling it offensive.

“A BEAST AND A BEAUTY. Thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a beautiful morning, Kylie wrote. Wow, I liked wearing this handmade, faux-art piece composed of synthetic materials. lovely gorgeous “.

Social media was quickly used by fans to express their opinions on Kylie’s controversial outfit.

Under Kylie’s tweet, a commenter wrote, “Glorifying animal hunting is not the one. Another person said, “So terrible to see celebrities normalizing animal brutality on such a platform.”

Kylie wore this dress at Paris Fashion Week.

The world currently only has 20,000 lions, one social media user remarked, adding that her clothing shows “severe insensitivity towards an important animal.”

One more added, “One person commented, “Are you okay? This is essentially encouraging greater hunting of animals. You are actively encouraging hunting animals. It is obvious that being famous does not imply being intelligent or conscious. Has it?”

In the post, Kylie insisted that she liked the style and used the words “beautiful lovely” with a heart emoji. She has not yet directly addressed the response as of the time of writing.

In other developments, Kylie recently revealed the name of her son, Aire Webster, in a series of images of her and her child that were uploaded to Instagram.