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It appears that MBJ has a new lover six months after divorcing his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey.

According to reports, Michael B. Jordan and British model Amber Jepson have begun dating and are “very keen on each other.”

The 26-year-old Manchester-based model and the 35-year-old “Creed” actor are rumored to be dating and have gone on several dates in the UK.

Jordan and her ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey divorced last year, and over the weekend, while she celebrated turning 26 in Los Angeles, she made her Instagram relationship with actor Damson Idris official.

Michael B. Jordan is reportedly dating a British model.

The model and actor have reportedly been seeing each other since Jordan spent time in the UK after investing in the football team AFC Bournemouth, according to The Sun.

The model, who has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, apparently “turned” his head.

A screenshot of Michael like one of the model’s Instagram stories is also allegedly what she uploaded with the phrase “wifed off now.”

Michael is reportedly dating 26-year-old Amber.

The tabloid’s insider was quoted as saying: “They are both financially independent and form a lovely, attractive couple. Observe this space.”

Before splitting up in June 2022, Michael B. Jordan dated 26-year-old American socialite Lori Harvey for a year and a half.

They “had fantastic moments together and brought out the best in one other,” a source told PEOPLE.

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