“UMTANA WASE KHAYA” is a brand-new song from brilliant South African singer-songwriter Muziqal Tone. After the release of several other successful songs this year, Muziqal Tone’s remarkable discography has now been updated with the addition of this masterfully composed and charming song.

The 6TH ANNUAL J1MS PROMO MIX by Muziqal Tone, which has a total of 35 tracks, includes “UMTANA WASE KHAYA” as the eleventh tune. The song provides evidence of Muziqal Tone’s extraordinary skill as a songwriter and musician and demonstrates his capacity to produce music that connects with his audience.

The song “UMTANA WASE KHAYA” also has an astonishing verse by award-winning musician, NDURRA, in addition to Muziqal Tone’s excellent performance.

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