“Skit – Auntie Killer!” is a brand-new song by brilliant American singer-songwriter and entertainer Raf Saperra. As a showcase for Raf Saperra’s distinctive style and musical talent, this wonderful record is unquestionably worth adding to your collection.

“Ruff About The Edges,” the newest album by Raf Saperra, contains the song “Skit – Auntie Killer!”. Raf Saperra’s range as a musician is demonstrated by the variety of tracks in this body of work, and “Skit – Auntie Killer!” is no exception.

Raf Saperra worked together with Raf Saperra to produce this song, assisting him in realizing his vision. Together, they produced a song with lyrics that will undoubtedly strike a chord with listeners that is both catchy and profound.

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