Along with fellow musician Jaiva Zimnike, South African Maskandi singer Sgwebo Sentambo has released a new song titled Sihawukele, which means “let us console each other.” Sentambo and Zimnike create a single that is certain to enthrall and inspire listeners with their distinctive fusion of traditional and modern music.

The song’s title refers to ideas of solidarity, empathy, and unity, and Sentambo and Zimnike’s strong vocals and sensitive delivery engender a warm feeling of connection with their listeners. “Sihawukele” is a masterwork of Maskandi music, with Sentambo and Zimnike’s distinct musical idioms harmonizing flawlessly.

The end result is a song that is both classic and modern, with a message that is meaningful to everyone and has a lasting impact. Sentambo and Zimnike, two of South Africa’s most gifted and creative artists, continue to push the limits of what is possible in Maskandi music by showing their abilities as guitarists and singers.

“Sihawukele” is essential listening for lovers of Maskandi music and everyone who appreciates strong, soul-stirring music.

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