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Efia Odo, a well-known actress from Ghana, asserts that unattractive men are adept at taking care of women.

She mentioned this while discussing her prior relationships with some ugly men who were also wealthy on the Ebitz Show.

The actress also disclosed how she likes potential suitors to approach her and the qualities she seeks in them.

She stated:

“Ugly men take good care of women, and of course, I have met and dated ugly guys before, and they had money because you cannot be ugly with no money.

“I feel like if you want to date me, first you need to meet me at a public place like a restaurant or a lounge, I hate being hooked up by someone.

“You also need to get my attention by having nice teeth. If your teeth is not nice, I can’t talk to you. I can’t date short guys because I’m always on 6 inches, and you need to have lots of money.”

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